More Banana Posts

It seems as if I do a lot of posting about bananas that need to be whipped into some delicious baked goods.  I buy bananas and then I don’t eat them just as a stand-alone fruit like I would a pear or an orange.  I like bananas in oatmeal and maybe half of one in a smoothie, especially if it’s been previously frozen.  But I haven’t been eating oatmeal because it just doesn’t stick with me like a good protein breakfast does, thus a plethora of spotted bananas that need to find home in a batch of muffins or a loaf of bread or even that delicious coffee cake I made not too long ago.    So today the ripe trio in my fruit bowl got turned into a batch of Banana Chocolate Chip (Walnut) Muffins from the Joy of Vegan Baking.   The recipe called for four bananas but I only had three and that seemed to work out fine.  The batch made 14 instead of the dozen that it claimed which just leaves more for sharing.  and of course I shared with the neighbors who are always happy to get some fresh-baked goodies.


Oh Nuts!

Banana goodness with lots ‘o chips


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