Last night we stopped at Daphne’s while we were running the last-minute errands for the big trip and I decided just to have a tiny starter plate with pita and hummus since I’m still feeling a little funky.  It actually sat pretty well with me so hopefully I’m on the mend.  Daphne’s is one of my favorite counter food ordering type places.  Their vegetarian plate is the perfect mix of all things Greek and delicious.  For the Vegan just sub something else for the Spanakopita and always get the salad without the feta.  They have a new pita burger that D. got last night and you can get it with a Gardenburger instead of the hamburger.  I love the pita bread at Daphne’s, it’s the soft fluffy kind not the dry flat stuff you get in some places.  The counter help is always so friendly and yesterday I watched them offer samples to some undecided customers, that’s great service!  Plus the bonus, my hummus and pita were only a buck!

Love Daphne’s

The hummus and pita starter, not bad for a dollar

The Pita Burger with real meat…just picture it without the beef, (and Tzadiki, and feta).  Ok maybe not a good picture for a Vegan blog but D. enjoyed his meal and said the fries were just perfect too!

Daphne's Family Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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