Back in LA

After an awesome week in NYC we arrived home this afternoon.  The kitties were glad to see me and it was nice to have a little fur-fur to pet.  My garden is growing by leaps and bounds so I’m assuming R. took good care of things while I was gone.  five days away seemed much longer…I think because we crammed so much into every day.  The first thing I did when I got home was pull out my Vegan Scoop cookbook.  After eating at Lulu’s I decided I needed to perfect my vegan ice cream making this summer.  My goal is to try at least two recipes a week (I like setting goals otherwise I tend to put things off, recall the term paper!).  Will my waistline suffer from this much experimentation???  Perhaps, but I am willing in the name of all that is delicious to make that sacrifice.  And since I’m training for the Avon Walk in September I need to keep those calories coming…Really, I read that somewhere.  On the Internet I think, and you know anything published on the Internets is true!  I plan to add some photos to my last few posts, it wasn’t possible while I was blogging on my phone and taking photos with my camera.  It’s off to unpack, laundry, pet the furries, feed my favorite bun-bun and then myself!


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