Before I went back to school I used to be a prolific soap-maker.  I used the cold-process method and my lye of choice was Red Devil drain cleaner that I bought at the hardware store.  Traditional cold-process soap uses a base of lard but to keep it vegan I used an olive and coconut oil base, with the coconut being the solid fat.  There is something so therapeutic about stirring a batch of soap until it saponifies, it’s kind of like kneading bread, another activity I find therapeutic.  I remember when I was first diagnosed with cancer and I had a little meltdown of sorts and sat in front of the T.V.  stirring a pot of soap and watching The Shop Around the Corner and other old movies and boohooing through all of them.  It was quite a nice pity party and when I was done I had a fabulous batch of soap.  I haven’t done much in the way of soapmaking for a couple of years and I’m actually down to my last few bars in my tub ‘o soap so it’s time to pull out all my equipment and get to making another batch.  I need to freshen my supply of fragrance oils since mine are old and have lost a lot of their oomph. was one of my favorite suppliers of all things soap so I’ll have to check out their site again and see what new scents they have.  One time after I had just cut up a batch into bars and the lye was still fresh I accidently popped a sliver of soap into my mouth thinking it was a little shredded cheese left over from pizza making…suffice it to say uncured lye soap, even a sliver, can burn!  Teach me to pop unknowns into my mouth, you’d think, but I won’t tell you about the slug I thought was an olive, or the cat food I thought was cookie dough…or DOH! should I say?

The last two bars


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