A Day of Shopping

What a beautiful weekend this has been and still there’s Monday to look forward to before it’s back to work.  We set off today without much of an agenda which always seem to turn into the best days.  After a stop at Jamba Juice for a fruit smoothie (btw, they have quite a few vegan choices) we walked down to the local Farmer’s Market.  I had brought along my Vegetarian Times and decided on a couple of recipes this morning so I had an idea of what to get.  There was a used book booth out there this morning and the gentleman manning it told us he had just taken ownership of a storefront very close to my house where he would soon be opening his store.  I loved used book stores and he had some great gardening and cookbooks in his inventory.  I saw the Betty Crocker Children’s Cookbook that we used when we were kids.  I’ll bet my mom still has it in her cupboard, it sure brought back memories of my beginning cooking and baking endeavors.  After picking up some stunning produce and granola from a little bakery stand (they had some awesome looking vegan brownies there today but I restrained myself) we went back to the house.  The day was so sunny and warm and we spent the next hour or two cleaning up the front planters…lots of dead-heading and weeding to do.  I pulled out a couple of daisy plants that were looking a little worse for wear and moved my birthday rose to a better spot, I hope it survives the transplant.  We were hungry and D. had a sandwich in mind so it was off to the Corner Bakery, I love their Black Current Iced Tea.  A stop at World Market to get some peanut butter pretzels for the peanut butter ice cream I have planned, was right on the way home.  Of course one doesn’t go into World Market and only come out with one item.  I found a whisk to use with my non-stick cookware, and some darling mini-cupcake papers, as well as a new artisan iced tea and some interesting looking sodas from Australia and the mango chutney I need for one of my recipes.  All in all a good trip.  One more stop to pick up peanut butter and soy milk for the ice cream…this is the first of my ice cream experiments.  I really wanted to make fig ice cream but the farmer’s market didn’t have any fresh figs perhaps later in June they will and I can try it then.  Figs are just coming into season, I know my CSA has fig trees perhaps I can request some.  Anyway the ice cream tonight will be peanut butter with peanut butter filled pretzels crushed up and stirred in at the last-minute.  The mix is chillin’ in the fridge as we speak and will make a perfect ending to a perfect day!

Farmer’s market bounty…can’t wait until I can pick half of this stuff in my own backyard

World Market treasures, plus a bonus reusable bag because I spent more than $10

Ice cream fixin’s, the only other ingredients for this batch are brown sugar and vanilla…simple pleasures, I’ll tell ya!


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