Baking Bread

I’ve been thinking about bread baking and soap making lately, I had all the ingredients for a loaf of bread but not a batch of soap so bread won out.  Although when you start baking bread at 9:00 p.m. you don’t finish until 1:00 in the morning and with a 5:15 a.m. conference call first thing that made for not much sleep last night.  Ahhh, the sacrifices we make for baking.  I chose a Oatmeal Wheat Bread from my old stand-by baking book BH&G Old-Fashioned Baking.  The recipe called for a bottle of dark beer which I just happened to have, the beer and molasses added a dark rich color to the loaves.  The recipe made two rounds, one which I kept the other given away to the neighbors.  For lunch today I grilled up a Daiya and Crofter’s superfruit spread sandwich that matched perfectly with the slight sweetness of the bread.  What a fine lunch…but I am tired!  Bread making needs to be done on the weekend from now on.

Loaves, shaped and ready for the oven…

Piping hot from the oven.  the recipe called for an egg white wash and a sprinkle of oats on top but I didn’t do that; number one because of the egg and number two because I hate when seeds and grains fall off my bread when I’m eating.  It does make for a prettier loaf but since this was just for  my consumption I skipped it.

Sliced with my very special bread knife from Julian.  This is hands down the best bread knife I’ve ever had, you can make perfect thin or thick slices every time.

Grilled up to toasty perfection.


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