Who doesn’t like snacks?  When you were a kid it was something to look forward to after school.  Those of us lucky enough to have a mom at home when we came home from school remember homemade cookies although there was no milk to go along with them for me.  Even when I was little the taste of milk made me gag…meat too; it’s no wonder I became a vegetarian when I was in my early teens.  Anyway, I still like snacks…some days all my meals are made up of snacks.  It’s not so much that I believe in the theory behind eating 6 small meals a day, I just like to eat and I get full quickly so snacks work better in the long run.  And speaking of running and snacks (oh, we weren’t speaking about running?) I took a 5 mile run after work and since I had eaten lunch rather early today I was ready for a post-run snack.  After a run I like to have a little protein and carb together, it seems to sit well with me and gets rid of that shaky feeling I sometimes get.  Today for my snacky snackerton I had a handful of Dr. Krackers with a big spoonful of almond flax butter from TJ’s.  Then I broke open a bottle of Bundaburg Peachee to quench a post-run thirst.  This stuff is seriously peachy.  It’s made with peach nectar and poured over ice it was total refreshment.  All this loveliness was enjoyed outside with a new book on the Kindle.  I’m reading the third of Stieg Larsson’s trilogy The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, it’s such a shame he’s no longer with us.  I just loved this story line, and with a Swedish heritage it feels close to home.

Snack time

Like drinking a fresh peach

Served in the sunshine


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