Last year on one of trips I found myself in an airport with nothing to read (pre-Kindle days).  This particular airport, and I don’t even remember where it was, was undergoing extensive renovations and many of the shops were closed.  At a little snack stand I found an all-in-one hummus-pretzel snack pack and a rack of paperback books that I browsed through and ended up with a book called 26A by Diana Evans, a British author.  The book was about twin girls growing up during the 80’s in Britain and Nigeria, it was a really well written book and explored relationships and self-identity.  One of the money-making schemes of these twins was making and selling “flapjacks” at their school.  They became very successful with their flapjack enterprise and one of the twins dreamed of doing it forever.  I’ll let you read the book yourself but needless to say I wondered how they made and sold flapjacks that tasted even halfway decent.  I realized rather quickly that American flapjacks or pancakes must be something completely different from British flapjacks.  I had nearly forgotten about this when Lo and behold The Hungry Mouse had a recipe for flapjacks (Oatmeal Cranberry Bars) on her blog.  She had adapted the recipe from a recent Flapjack article by Molly Wizenberg in Bon Appetit magazine.  One of the key ingredients was golden syrup, some of the commenters said they had found it in their Whole Foods store but I had to actually order mine on-line before I could try out flapjacks for myself.  They’re kind of a granola bar and are described on various sites as a cross between a Rice Crispy treat and a granola bar.  They’re ridiculously easy to make, I added a few walnuts to mine because I like nuts in things, and I used Earth Balance instead of butter.  Other than that I stuck to Hungry Mouse’s recipe, thanks Mouse!

Ingredients gathered together to make something delicious happen

Melting the Earth Balance and brown sugar together

Pouring in the golden Syrup…this stuff has a really carmely buttery flavor

In the pan and ready for the oven

Baked and beautiful and ready to be gobbled up


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