Before grocery shopping every Sunday we usually stop and grab a late lunch/early dinner, that way I can do my long run in the evening and not get totally sick from just having eaten a big meal.  Today I had an 8 miler scheduled and since I watched little K. this morning/afternoon so the new parents could take a cruise down the coast on the bike, I had to do my run in the evening.  We decided on Islands since it’s in the same shopping center as the market and it sounded good on a nice sunny day.  If it was difficult eating out in the 70’s as a new vegetarian I find it’s challenging to find good vegan eats in many of the mainstream restaurants these days.  It would be nice if all restaurants could have at least a couple of entrée’s to choose from as a vegan, sometimes one just doesn’t feel like eating a salad…hold the cheese and meat and eggs please.  Islands makes a good grilled veggie taco that’s a good vegan choice if you request them with no cheese.  Sour cream costs extra so no need to tell them to hold that.  Two tacos come with a slaw that has a vinaigrette dressing rather than the mayo based dressing of old school slaw.  All in all it made a tasty dinner along with a glass of Passion Iced Tea. 

Bottomless chips and salsa to start.  Does anyone really ever get refills of these, I guess it could be a cheap meal if that’s all you were eating.

A frosty mug of Passion Iced Tea to wash down the chips…totally refreshing

Tacos, whole wheat tortillas stuffed full of grilled veggies, black beans and roasted corn, and topped with sliced avocado

Tangy slaw on the side


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