Spaghetti Monday

Spaghetti has always been one of my favorite foods.  Growing up we always got to choose what we wanted to eat for our birthday dinner and I always chose spaghetti.  Mom’s spaghetti on a budget was a pound of ground beef sautéed with a little garlic salt and then a can of tomato sauce was added and it simmered for a bit.  That was served over plain spaghetti noodles and served up with buttered (margarined actually) french bread.  At the time I didn’t really like french bread because it was too tough and crunchy in the crust, I did like tearing out the soft middle part though!  Sis like the heel of the loaf and I never did understand that.  Now I live a good crunchetty french loaf, but I was more a wonder bread kind of gal back in the day.  I’ve gotten a little more adventuresome with my spaghetti creations over the years and of course the ground beef disappeared from any sauce of mine a long time ago.  Tonight a good chunky spaghetti sauce sounded good to me and N. always gobbles up any spaghetti dish that I make.  The Vita Mix made quick work of chopping up some mushrooms, red pepper and a leek.  Then into the pot went some diced tomatoes, chickpeas, oregano, thyme, garlic (of course), red pepper flakes (for zing), and some red wine.  After that had simmered for a bit a bag of spinach went in the pot.  I found the recipe in last months Vegetarian Times.  It made a boat load of sauce I think I’ll have to freeze some for another Spaghetti Monday.

Vita mix emptied of it’s pulverized contents

The pulverization in a pot

Adding the spinach

Eaten outside with sunshine and a glass of red

with chopsticks even

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