Hula Burger

Pineapple is not one of those fruits that I usually buy whole because I hate cutting them up.  But I happened to get one in the beautiful fruit basket my boss sent me for graduation.  I also remembered that I had a fancy schmancy pineapple cutter that I think I only used once and not very successfully as I recall.  This time though it sliced right through the pineapple by just giving it a little pressure and then I was able to cut it into beautiful pineapple rings that were sweet and juicy.  For dinner since I was in the tropical mood after all that pineapple slicing I pulled a package of Hula burgers out of the freezer.  The ingredient list on these things is long but for the most part pretty wholesome.  Plus they taste yummy.  I served them up on a potato roll with some sweet potato fries and a pile of golden pineapple.  The Hula Burger box says, “Imagine yourself sitting down for dinner with friends at a festive oceanfront restaurant in Maui, so I just pictured our awesome barbeques we had last year on the beach in Maui and pretended I was there again.  My backyard isn’t exactly a beachfront but I can pretend.

From this


to this

eaten with this

which looks like this close up

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