The trouble with all day business meetings is that usually the catered lunch provided leaves me with not much to eat.  Today, surprisingly enough, the boxed lunch that was marked “Vegetarian Sandwich” was actually vegan.  Usually the version of vegetarian sandwich that I’ve encountered at these meetings consists of a cheese sandwich with mayo (yuck-o), on soggy white bread with a few limp leaves of iceberg lettuce.  Once you pull off the cheese and throw away the mayo smeared bread, what are you left with?  An openface iceberg lettuce on white???  But not today, this sandwich was actually on wheat bread and was nothing but veggies, I had to look really closely at it, but it was true.  There were layers of sliced carrots and cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, and sprouts.  The bread wasn’t soggy with any mayo or added sauces either.  What a revelation.  It also came with a bag of Lays chips (not nutritious but tasty nonetheless), an apple, and a peanut butter cookie which I gave away since I’m sure that wasn’t vegan…how lucky could one get, ya know?  At least when I got home this evening I wasn’t starving and ready to chew my own hand off (which technically wouldn’t be vegan either, I’m thinking).  Nothing but a cell picture with flash burn but you get the idea.  I wish more meeting organizers put some thought into the diversity of diets these days.

Really, the white stuff is cukes not cheese!


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