Good Times, Bad Times

Some days you have to do things you don’t want to do.  Today I had to spend 3 hours in traffic to deliver the bad news of a layoff to a friend and co-worker.  I know she will land on her feet, just like my kitties, but when you think you’re not ready to leave a position it’s hard to hear that you not being given the choice to stay or go.  Does a closed door really always mean another will open…I think it does.  Sometimes we’re just afraid to step out of our cozy little realm until we’re forced with a prod to our backsides.  Anyway…this was not something I wanted to do and the fact that I had to drive 45 miles one way to deliver the message didn’t help.  So what does one eat for dinner when one has had a grumpy day???  Well I don’t know what one eats but I barbecued.  Sliced up peppers, zuke, asparagus, and for protein a little grilled tofu.  No seasoning other than a little salt and pepper to let the vibrant veggie flavors shine through.  Everything was served atop a bed of baby arugula with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  It mellowed me out considerably!

Lined up like little veggie soldiers on the grill

Then the tofu…from package

To perfection…ok so I don’t have the cross-hatch thing going on, I’ll learn

Veggies all resting before chopping.  That sounds so brutal, doesn’t it?

A lotta lovin’ in a bowl.

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