Anniversary Cupcakes

We celebrated my big sis and hub being in town and my little sis’ 11th anniversary by having a tostada luncheon at mom’s house.  Now ever since I announced at the age of 15 that I was no longer eating meat my mom has been more than accommodating to my wacky diet.  She was always seeking out new meatless recipes to try out on me and I love her for that.  Now with my vegan quest out in full force she is still supporting her weirdest daughter’s behaviors.  She laid out a spread that included very cute tostada corn tortilla bowls.  We all reminisced about soft strips on summer afternoons at the pier.  Nothing better!  She had beans and lettuce and all kinds of yummy toppings .  R. made delicious guacamole and just being with all the family made it a wonderful afternoon.  I was in charge of cupcakes per usual.  My choice today was Chocolate Cherry Cream from VCTOTW.  Super easy to throw together.  The cherry sauce turned out spectacularly.  That stuff would make an awesome ice cream topping (note to self).  Everyone was impressed and mom told me she would pay me to make some cupcakes for her quilting group, if that’s not the cutest thing ever and as if I’m going to charge my mom to bake, yah right!

A loaded tostada for lunch, this was some good!

Into this regular TJ’s cocoa powder I stirred in…

Black Cocoa powder from King Arthur…

 This stuff is dark (I guess that’s why it’s called black), it looks like really dark roast coffee

Combined they make a rich dark batter that smells divine

Cupcakes are baked…on to the cherry sauce

Cherries simmering with sugar

Thicken them up with some arrowroot and pomegranate juice

Sparkling Cherry jewels

A little dollop of buttercream  a shave of dark chocolate and the masterpiece Anniversary Cupcakes are ready!


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