Happy Feet

A 10 mile run was on the schedule for today.  My plan went from 8 miles last Sunday to 10 this Sunday, I guess I was supposed to be ready for it and just skip over the 9 mile run that I thought I would be doing today.  I got a late start and the sun broke through the June gloom about 3 miles in.  Of course I forgot to put sunscreen on and at my age a day without sunscreen could mean the addition of two new wrinkles in time.  Oh well too late now.  Since my runs are getting longer now I need to stock up on some coconut water to take along instead of just straight water.  I learned this from my marathon coach a few years back.  He recommended coconut water as an electrolyte replacement on long runs in place of those florescent sugary drinks that will remain unnamed.  I’ve found it works well for me and when I run without it I tend to get headaches afterwards.  With about a mile left to go my stomach started telling me it was STARVING…so when I got home I put together a quick wrap to shut him up.  I still had a few asparagus spears from the grilling a few nights ago.  I partnered those with hummus, arugula, sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, and a bit of the oil from the jar of tomatoes.  It really hit the spot after a long hot run.  Finishing a long run like this is always so satisfying, especially when you feel good the whole way.  I gave my feet a heartfelt thank you for carrying me on yet another run.  I put them through a lot and they always get me where I’m going without too much complaining. 

Feet…happy to be home

Wrap… to feed the hungry stomach and make it as happy as the feet

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