And Now a Word From NYC

So for lack of anything better to say on a blah sort of Monday…I thought I would post some NY shots to cheer me up and remind me of an awesome week.

Radio City Music Hall…I was blown away that my graduation took place here.  I felt like a Rockette (sort of)!

Dinner at La Pasta Bistro Grill.  It was so fun sitting out at the outdoor seating and watching the hustle and bustle of the village.  The service was good, the food was so so, but it was the environment that made this a perfect choice for our first night in NY.

Falafel carts all over town…but when we went to look for one to get a falafel only hot dog carts were to be found.  What?  An excuse to go back?

A little snack of hummus and pretzels and hibiscus blackberry soda picked up at Food Emporium, the perfect NYC market.  I meant to pick up one of these hummus snacks to take on the plane and totally forgot…What?  Another excuse to go back?

A pleasant beer break at Heartland Brewery.  I also got a spinach salad but photos weren’t good because it was very dark in there.  Cool brewery though!

The requisite trip on the Staten Island Ferry was taken to get some shots of the Statue of Liberty

We rested in Battery Park and come to find out my grandpa also took a load off his feet in Battery Park back in the 1920’s.  I read a letter that he wrote in Danish to his mother back in Denmark after he had jumped ship and entered the USA illegally way back then.  My mom painstakingly translated the letter and it told of his wanderings as a young man as an immigrant to this country.  Kind of a cool connection.

Last but not least…Lula’s Sweet Apothecary.  Oh please, please come to Southern California!!

D. got a scoop of Orange Dream

Mine was lemon of course

And the cake batter soft serve to go…remember I told you not to judge it was hot out there!

Ok, I feel better now…and I’ll be back!


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