And it All Started with a Kindle

I’m going to admit to something I do way too much of!  What’s that, you ask with a gleam in your eye believing I’m going to spill some real dirt.  What I do too much of is read and it’s all because I bought a Kindle.  I’ve always been an avid reader but what with being in school for the last six years I was only able to pick up a good novel in between semesters and textbooks.  Even then if I didn’t have a book handy to read it meant a trip to the bookstore or library and that could be weeks before I would go out of my way to run either of those errands.  Enter the Kindle…now without school to interfere with my reading I can finish one book and have another downloaded instantly to my waiting hands.  I find myself reading instead of doing the projects that I need to do and it’s a great way to avoid housework.  So instead of avoiding homework by doing housework, I’m avoiding housework by reading.  I need to start editing my vacation videos from a year ago.  N. needs elastic in his shorts (oh to be so skinny), there is sewing to be done and soap to be made and yet on I read.  One novel after another.  It also encourages my snacking and a few pounds have crept on.  That alone should be motivation enough to put the Kindle down and back slowly away from it!  I have decided to make a To Do list and schedule things that need to get done.  Usually this works for me…onward!

Made a quicky meal tonight of frozen Gardein Crispy TendersSpicy Sweet Potato Fries (also frozen), and a stir-fry of a giant zucchini which one of D.’s customer’s gave him, some cherry tomatoes, a green onion or two, and a sprinkle of dill and black pepper.  I like meals like this that are so tasty and quick.  I sliced up some CSA cantaloupe for dessert with a tiny square of dark chocolate! Yummers!

Cantaloupe and chocolate and what’s that???  The Kindle???



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2 responses to “And it All Started with a Kindle

  1. i love chocolate!! Yummiii!!!

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