Back to Nature

One of the things I’ve missed about no dairy is greek style yogurt.  I don’t really care for the fruity, sweetened yogurt made with dairy or soy, and I’ve never found a soy yogurt that rivals that tongue smacking tartness of Greek or Icelandic style yogurt.  My search for a Greek soy yogurt brought me to the Fat Free Vegan Kitchen where Susan V not only has a recipe for soy yogurt but additional instructions for turning it into soy Greek yogurt…Jack Pot!  Greek yogurt involves nothing more than straining the liquid from a batch of regular yogurt to make it thicker and give it a more pronounced tang.  I jumped into the process with two feet by buying a yogurt maker even though I know it can be done without one.  My stove is ancient and I’m afraid it would overheat and the towel and ice chest method seemed too much of a bother.  So I bought a Waring Pro Yogurt Maker and gave it a spin tonight.  The final product will not be done incubating until tomorrow morning so I won’t know how it turned out until I get home from work tomorrow; yogurt for dinner anyone?  It was fairly simple although I’ve never worked with agar agar as a thickening agent before so I’m hoping I don’t end up with clumps of it in the finished product.  I did blend faithfully although I used my vintage egg beater instead of a handheld blender as recommended.  My handheld blender was purchased for soap making and I’m not sure you should be mixing lye soap making with yogurt making no matter how long you boil the thing.  Remember I’ve tasted active lye soap before and it’s not fun.  When I tried pouring the mixture from my bowl into the yogurt jars I ended up with half of it running down the front of the dishwasher.  Might be time to purchase a Pyrex mixing bowl that has a pouring spout if I continue to make this.  All this yogurt, and bread making and vegetable gardening, I’m starting to feel like a pioneer or maybe just channeling the old hippie that I’ve always been!

First the soy milk and agar agar…I used Soy Dream as recommended.

After it’s heated to boiling (easy peasy in the microwave) cool it down to 115 degrees.  I like my digital thermometer for this.

Then into the incubator for an overnight snooze…Sweet cultured dreams!


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