So the postlude to the whole granola, Greek yogurt making thing was encountered at breakfast this morning when I dumped the drained yogurt into my favorite vegan bowl, topped it with a blast of granola and a blob of Crofter’s Morella cherry.  An exceptional breakfast, I’m just not sure all the yogurt making was worth a cartonful of strained, tangy deliciousness.  For 1 whole tetra carton of Soy Dream I can make two servings of Greek style yogurt…I’m going to have to ponder this a bit.  Maybe eating yogurt every day is out of the question…twice a week maybe?  The yogurt maker came with two larger containers so maybe I’ll try those next time.  Still…it seems a lot of work for one meal gulped down before work.

This was two days worth of work…well really it’s not like I slave over a hot stove for it…but it took two days to make one bowl of Greek style yogurt.  Topped with granola and Crofters it was yum!


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