Cooking with TV

I like watching the food network, even though most of their shows don’t cater to a vegan crowd I still like watching chefs in the kitchen and try to pick up some tips and tricks.  There’s other stations with good cooking shows to that tend to be a little healthier than the stuff Guy Fieri puts down in Diners Drive-Ins & Dives.  One of those is Naturally Delicious on VeriaAnn Gentry is the hostess with the mostess on the program so you know you can trust her stuff if you’ve ever eaten at Real Food Daily.  Which by the way I haven’t but everyone I’ve talked to raves about it.  She made a really different tofu scramble today…she added wheat gluten to the tofu which she said holds it together.  I found the other three recipes she made on the show today but the tofu recipe eluded me.  Check out the breakfast goodies she made…and coincidently enough one of them was a vegan granola that was even low-fat.  I’ll be trying it once I use up the batch I made.

Fruit Muffins – Ann used fresh peaches in hers, they looked wonderful

Granola – With no added oil

Carrot Beet Ginger Juice – Made with a juicer but I bet it could be made in a Vita Mix too.  You can see the tofu scramble in the background.


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