Vegan Pita

This is the story of a lemon and how it led to making pita bread today.  As I left my house for my 14-miler today I noticed a lemon had dropped off my neighbor’s tree.  Rather than leaving it on the sidewalk I plunked it down on my patio table and set off on my run (and I use that term loosely today, my knees were sore–need new shoes) with visions of that lemon dancing in my head.  The good thing about long runs is they give you a lot of time to think and ponder the worlds problems.  I’ve come up with some of my most creative ideas while plodding along by myself.  Usually I like to run without music, number one, because it’s less distraction when you’re running along busy streets, and number two, it leaves my mind uncluttered and free to let random thoughts float around like dandelion fluff.  Also when I listen to music I tend to sing out loud and that in itself can be quite embarrassing.  So the lemon kept popping into my thoughts…I thought of making some sunny lemon cookies or bars but quickly discarded that thought since I gained two pounds last week (dastardly weight fluctuations).  Then I started thinking about the fresh produce I just plucked from my garden and immediately envisioned some hummus with tahini and fresh lemon to dip it in.  From there I recalled the delicious vegan dolmas I used to get from WF and pondered why I didn’t get them anymore and how they would go perfectly with the hummus and veggies.  But then I thought I might need some crackers or something crunchy and bready to accompany this feast.  Again we go back to the weight gain thing and I know how if I have crackers or chips in the house I never stop with one serving–my intentions are good but my appestat is not!  From there my mind wandered to the delicious pita that A. used to make when she still lived at home; well now that’s a possibility–bread is not something I overeat (usually!).  The final thought was a lunch with pita, dolmas, hummus, fresh veggies.  So from lemon to pita bread in 14 miles or less!

After arriving home I had to have my recovery smoothie and since it was so thick I did the smoothie in the bowl thing (I think KERF is on to something here).  Then into the shower, start the laundry, and finally down to the business of finding a pita recipe.  I settled on this one from Vegan Schmeegan, easy and with only a few on-hand ingredients.  I mixed up the dough, left it to rise in my peacefully quiet house and drove on down to WF.  When I got back it was ready to be punched down (I always love that part), and made into little dough balls.  In between popping one in the oven while another came out, I made hummus in the Vita Mix using their recipe, I substituted tahini for the sesame seeds though.  Using canned beans sure makes it a snap to make this…I don’t know why I ever buy hummus.

So here’s how my day rolled:

Pre-Run Lara Bar (coconut cream pie…yum)

Post-run smoothie in a bowl…Amazing Meal pomegranate, with frozen cherries and mangos, and orange juice.  Topped with homemade granola and coconut butter.

Mixed up dough…just flour, sugar, yeast water and salt…couldn’t be easier.

Left alone this sucker doubled in size!

Little dough babies going down for a nap

Woken from their nap and smashed and flattened–Like Flat Stanley

Talk about puff daddy…this guy mega puffed.

Delicious Dolmas from the Vegetarian Factory

Lunch in the sunshine…whoops I forget my veggies.  Oh well there’s always tomorrow.

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  1. Another fab post, thanks, I love coming again to browse your blog via your twitter updates. I am also hoping to start my own blog soon and your has provided me with some inspiration

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