Bayou Festival

Our plan on this beautiful Sunday was to spend the day listening to Zydeco and Blues, wandering aimlessly, and chowing on some good Cajun food down at the Bayou Festival at Rainbow Lagoon.  Unfortunately other obligations interfered and we were only able to spend a brief hour there.  We got down there and thought we were so smart to avoid the $10 parking fee by self parking…2 hours of self parking still cost us $6, but what the heck!  We arrived at 10:20 only to find out the gates didn’t open until 11:30, that’s what happens when you don’t read the details on the website.  So we spent one hour of our parking time waiting in line, our personal space encroached upon by a little troll who thought pressing up against us would get him in the gates that much faster.  Once inside we wandered a bit through the crafts section then headed towards the food carts that were lined up from one end of the park to the next.  I got a lemonade, which gave me a mouthful of sugar with the first sip through the straw, until I stirred it up, then it was delish…very sunny and right for the day.  D. got his plate of barbeque and made quick work of it; then we had to head on out.  The first band had only played three songs, but it was fun to watch everyone dancing (even the troll).  Next year we’ll plan better and spend the whole day enjoying all that there is to see, hear and taste.  As we were walking out D. noticed a food cart called Strictly Vegan that had bowls and wraps catering to the vegan.  Awesome, I hope they make a return visit next year!

This way to New Orleans

A chilly, refreshing glass of lemonade in a recyclable cup

Zydeco Stage

Blues Stage


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