Tempeh Tempeh

Lunch today had to be a sandwich because 1) I had leftover pita bread, and 2) I needed something quick to make, and 3) I felt like it.  I had some Daiya cheddar that needed to be used and a hunk of tempeh hanging around so…I steamed the tempeh for 15 minutes to get rid of any bitterness, then slapped it down on my split down the middle pita that had been smeared generously with Crofter’s Morello Cherry Spread (the stuff is so good!).  What??? Where does the Daiya come into play (here you thought I was just going to have a grilled cheese, oh my, no!), I sprinkled the whole thing with Daiya and then pressed it all into melting wonderment on the panini press.  Now the weird part…some of the cherry spread oozed out onto the press and when I popped it in my mouth as I am wont to do with stray food items (i.e. lye soap and cat food) it actually sizzled and popped in my mouth.  I can honestly say that is something that doesn’t happen to me every day.  And the beauty part, I didn’t burn my tongue, which with all the snapping and popping going on I thought I would have blisters galore. 

Pita and Crofter’s

A bit of tempeh and Daiya with leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch

All grilled up and oozing onto the pinini press


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