Salad Days

While I have lived long past my salad days  I can still enjoy a salad day now and again.  Today was just such a day and I made a killer salad for lunch.  I have a bunch of veggies, from the garden and CSA and besides being rather warm today it just felt like a day for something crisp and green.  I added a bit more than all the green stuff, including some sweet, sweet carrots and my first red tomato from the garden; then there was the green, romaine, a creamy avocado, some green bell pepper also from the garden, and leftover stir fried zucchini from last nights dinner.  Sprinkled with a spoonful of crispy pecan pieces and all dressed up with some Annie’s Goddess dressing.  I usually don’t use bottled salad dressing, preferring to mix up my own with olive oil and some tart ingredient like lemon or lime juice or cider vinegar.  However, the description of this dressing and the ingredients sounded intriguing enough for me to break down and buy a bottle.  What do you know…it was super delicious!   So even if you’ve grown a little long in the tooth (I love that phrase) you can still bring back those salad days gone by even if it’s just in a pretty bowl of memories.


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