Another Factory Dinner

Today was a step back day of training so I only had to run 7 miles this morning instead of the 16 that I had thought was scheduled.  I was certainly glad once I hit the road because my legs felt like blocks of wood this morning.  It’s weird how some day you feel like you can run forever and others you can barely slog through.  I looked up slog and it’s exactly what I felt like today.    Even the Peanut Butter Cookie Lara bar didn’t seem to sit real well with me.  Once home I whipped up a chilly smoothie in a bowl and enjoyed it out on the patio with my feet up.  Last Saturday we walked over to the Factory again for dinner and I have to say I was a bit disappointed.  I tried the Vegetable Paella and while the vegetables were fresh they didn’t have that much flavor and were a bit overcooked.  The rice in all honesty tasted a little like Rice-A-Roni, although I know it wasn’t…just not that much flavor for $14.  The beer we tried, on the other hand, was great, very hip hip hoppy!  D. was disappointed with his Bison short ribs as well…I know he should be disappointed with something like that!  Will we go back??  Probably, when it’s a two minute walk from home, plus their live music nights are pretty happening.  Maybe next time it will just be some blues and brews!

This was my day of good eats…

Pre-run per usual

At least this helped me slog a little faster

Post run smoothie

Love the coconut butter that goes on liquid then freezes up

Dinner at the Factory

The serving size was nice but didn’t make up for the lack of flavor

The beer was delish!

It was the Deschutes Inversion IPA, from Bend, OR.  We’ll be up in Oregon later this month and I wouldn’t mind trying another!


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