A Little Organization

We’ve been discussing stuff, and the accumulation of stuff, and the attachment to stuff, and the way stuff can control people’s lives.  There seems to be a morbid interest in hoarding these days, as evidenced in the number of television shows dedicated to the subject.  Like a train wreck, you have to watch, somewhat fascinated that anyone could live like that and a little disgusted that anyone could live like that.  I think the fascination with all of this is the fear that we’re just one collection shy of full-blown hoarding.  I hang on to books…knowing I’ll never read them again yet reluctant to get rid of them.  From time to time I take a box of books over to the used book store as a donation, but I’ve never quite been able to get rid of them all.  I did make a breakthrough a while ago and gave my fabric stash, some of which dated back to when I worked at Jenny’s in my teens, to my mom’s Linus group.  Knowing my life was too busy to do much sewing or crafting, I turned it over to be used for a good cause.   My goal is to get rid of my garage clutter by summer’s end.  Boxes that have moved with me and never been unpacked in the 10 years I’ve been in this house.  I’m not interested in having a garage sale, I would rather just donate it to D’s neighbor to be used in her quest to save the feral cats; she has frequent garage sales to fund this effort.  Organizing inside is happening too…I recently got tired of having to take every spice jar out of my cabinet when I cooked just so I could find the jar I was looking for.  So for a few bucks and a trip to Costco I bought a magnetized wall mount spice rack.  It only has 12 jars to it so we’ll see if that still leaves my cupboard too cluttered.  The funky thing about this product is that the labels that came with it aren’t any very common spices (not in my cabinet anyway), for example celery salt, and pizza seasoning…Really?

What spices lurk in the cupboard of doom (ever have 20 jars come crashing down on you…I’m talking doom)

All neat and tidy and hung on the wall, now if only the spices would jump on in by themselves!

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