Fat Fat the Water Rat

I have been on a perpetual diet since I was 14 and my first boyfriend told me I was the first fat girl he ever dated.  Thanks J.  Looking back I may have been a little chubby but I’ve never been fat…but you get one phrase stuck in your head over the years and it tends to play out and become part of who you think you are.  My weight still tends to fluctuate by 10 pounds or more but last year I went on an elimination diet supervised by an RD at a local holistic clinic.  It was very eye-opening for me to see how my body reacted to sugar in foods.  Not straight white sugar from the bag kind of thing but sugar as in the glycemic load of various foods.  Now if my weight jumps up a few pounds from eating too many starchy foods, yes even starchy, sugary vegetables set my weight spiraling out of control; I find I can go back to clean eating; keeping it very low on the food chain and those pounds just come right off.  If we only listened to our bodies more and did more intuitive eating rather than eating with our eyes and our habits I think we would all be better off.  But I should talk!  This morning’s breakfast of tofu scramble was a perfect example of a meal that agrees with my metabolism…and the beauty of it is it tastes good too and sticks with me for hours!  So heres to more intuitive eating and less junk food binges!

Every scramble tastes better in a Vegan bowl


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