Oddities Spotted

Whew…16 miles this morning and I’m so thankful we still have the early morning marine layer lovingly known as June gloom, even in the middle of July.  I wanted to do a negative split and knocked out the first half in record time (for me anyway), but seriously bonked with only two miles left and ended up trudging home just as the sun was about to break through.  All in all a good run though and I spotted a few things that made go hmmmm along the way.  Somewhere along the first two miles I ran across a plum tree in someone’s front yard.  this thing was loaded; its branches were as droopy as my eyelids when this morning’s alarm sounded.  There were at least 30 plums in the yard and haf a dozen lying on the sidewalk too.  Question, if you had a prolific plum producer in your front yard would you just let them all go to waste?  Haven’t they heard of plum jam, and plum leather, and a fancy plum tart?  Even if I wasn’t the baking/cooking sort I think I would bag them up and give them to neighbors.  Oh well, it’s not my tree so I guess they can do whatever they want with their plums, maybe they make for some great lawn fertilizer…ok, enough said!  I also passed by a McMansion that was built to look like a castle, faux drawbridge, turrets and ironclad door included.  It looked quite out of place with all the little tract homes around it…maybe the owners pretended those were their serfs and the neighborhood was their kingdom.  I know I would if I lived there.  During my last mile I saw a grocery bag full of rolls of toilet paper flung up in a tree.  Do you think someone got caught TP’ing a house and tossed the evidence before they were caught?  That’s my guess!  And guess what I actually did???  Give up?  I stopped and smelled the roses, literally!  Running by a yard that was bordered by rose-bush after rose-bush I stuck my nose in each one as I trotted by.  Luckily I didn’t get a thorn up my nostril!  I wish I could run with my camera like they did in the movie “Yes Man” because you really see some wonderous things out there. 

Chocolatey Oatmeal – Prerun

Since I was going out for more than an hour I brought a snack as well as my coconut water.  Eaten midway a key lime Lara bar.

Post-run vanilla chai Vega smoothie, and a bowlful of Ambrosia musk melon.


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