Cars and Salad

Saturday night we walked out to the Bixby Knolls Dragster Expo and Car Show just to wander around, relax, and check out some cool old cars…many of them older than me believe it or not.  They had some live music playing and vendors and good eats, just a general good time scent lingered in the air.  I like that people get totally in character with the era of their cars, I wonder if they dress like that all the time or just when they’re showing the car?  I’m thinking it’s pretty much an everyday occurence, because some people are just fun like that!  After wandering up and down inspecting the cars and running into a few friends and acquaintances we stopped in to Baba Ghanouj for dinner.  It wasn’t crowded at all when we came in and the service was prompt and friendly as usual.  I ordered the Fattoush Salad which I’ve had before and loved.  What’s to love about a salad you may wonder???  I think it’s the combination of juicy tomatoes, crisp romaine, crunchy cukes, minty mint, toasty pita crumbles, and the secret ingredient (drumroll please) sumac.  Sumac is kind of a lemony flavored dried and ground berry that is used in traditional Lebanese dishes.  I decided this was a salad I need to make at home this summer, what with my overloaded tomato plant.  The search was on for powdered sumac.  I ended up ordering it from Penzy’s after finding it unavailable at World Market, Whole Foods, or Ralph’s.  Until it’s delivered to my doorstep I can only dream of this deliciousness…

Can you believe D. won’t buy me this Pink ’57 T-Bird for my birthday…says, “It’s not for sale”…really?  Everybody has their price.

Fattoush Salad

Come closa…closa!  Those brown sprinkles?  That’s the sumac!

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