Dinner in the Raw

I wasn’t in the raw but most of my dinner was, and even if it wasn’t raw it was fresh and yummy.  We’ll be hitting the road, or I should say air, on Thursday and jetting up to Oregon for a long weekend of R&R at the bro’s house.  After a tree crashed through their house a few months ago they’ve been in a rental while it gets rebuilt.  They’ve assured me they have a sofa bed which is neither here nor there (I guess it’s there in Oregon), I’m just looking forward to an unplugged weekend.  Whenever I go away, even if it’s only for a weekend I feel like I have to get the whole house clean.  Why, so the cat’s can appreciate a gleaming porcelain bowl in the bathroom?  Who knows, I’ve always been like that and it almost makes me crabby when things are quite as spic and span as I want them.  So in the midst of scrubbing the shower grout with a tooth-brush I felt some anxiety about getting a meal on the table too.  A quick trip to TJ’s remedied the situation and cheered me up.  Now if I had bought that dark chocolate bar I was eyeing I probably would have been more cheerful.  Here’s what made it into my basket and eventually onto my dinner plate.

Tofu Spring Rolls with a sweet peanutty dipping sauce

Veggie rolls ala sushi with clear your sinus’ wasabi and pickled ginger

a fresh grated zucchini and carrot salad with a bit of sesame oil and rice vinegar drizzled

All put together and enjoyed outdoors per usual with a glass of iced tea.  Colorful placemat a steal at World Market for $1.48


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