Food Fight

A trip to Food Fight was the first stop on our way from Portland to Salem this morning.  The Droid navigated us there with only a couple of wrong turns…my bad!  We needed road snacks and we needed them fast. We ended up with a bag of Boulder Canyon chips in a delicious Balsamic Vinegar and Rosemary flavor along with a couple of Fentiman’s sodas.  I got a dandelion burdock soda that tasted suspiciously of black licorice which I despise.  Weird thing is this drink was “awesome” to quote the girl sitting behind us on the plane.  Besides road snacks I stocked up on some white chocolate chips and bought a darling little cookbook called Rabbit Food.  Well of course since we were there how could we leave without a chocolate or two.  The turtles, beyond delicious.  And to make the trip complete a Lamb sticker to give away to a lamb lover (and I mean that not in a good way!). 

Can’t believe we’re here!  I love visiting places I’ve read about on blogs and trying some of the goodies recommended.  Plus it was a beautiful Portland day!

Tasty road snacks!

Drink and drive much…only when it’s dandelion and burdock!

Sweeties for arrival

and stuff to bring home…a cookbook (love it!)

and white chocolate chips and sticker


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