No Plan

The problem with going out of town for a few days is that before you go you try to use up all the food in your house so it won’t go bad or be stolen by those pesky roving snack thieves.  But then when you get home the cupboards are bare, save for a few cans of beans and some tofu in the fridge.  This is what happens in my house anyway.  A trip to Sprouts after work was supposed to remedy this situation but I went without a thought to what I needed or wanted to cook this week so I ended up with a random sampling of food that really lacks any cohesiveness.  I could have bought more…some of the trail mixes looked pretty darn inviting, but I mentally slapped my hand away from the bin and walked on.  Note: You need to do this sort of thing mentally or you look weird or frightening to small children and their mothers.  Once home I realized the error of my ways as I stood in front of the cupboards and fridge and wondered what to make for dinner.  So what always works when faced with hunger and no ideas???  A tofu scramble.

When you go to the store with no plan this is what you end up with…squeeze almond butter, really, you needed that?

so you make this for dinner…

and top it off with this for dessert

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