Baking in July

As the summer heats up I get in the mood to bake.  Yes, I love as the temperatures soar outside there’s nothing better than attempting to make the inside of my tiny house as hot as the backyard.  Luckily today was not so hot and I wanted to try out something from my new cookbook, Rabbit Food.  Cookies are always good to bake because I can give them away and don’t have to eat the whole batch by myself like, say for instance, a cake.  Now if you bake a cake and no one is home you just have to eat the whole thing, you can’t very well bag up a piece and take it to the neighbors…well I guess you could but that’s beside the point.  Giving away cookies is easier.  The decision was made…and peanut butter cookies were mixed and baked (with all the doors and windows open).  I prefer my peanut butter cookies with a little crunch made with the crunchy style peanut butter but for some reason all I had was the smooth stuff, so be it.  I’m not sure why I had non-crunchy peanut butter because I usually always buy crunchy, oh well, must have been purchased in one of my fugue states, this happens at my age!  Just as I was writing this A called and said she was in Phoenix and expected to be home tonight or tomorrow morning.  Since any nut makes her gag, the smooth peanut butter cookies were made just for her welcome home…See how these things work out?

Ingredients assembled and good to go.  I like to do this because I’ve gotten halfway through a recipe only to realize I didn’t have a key ingredient, ya know?


A snow shower of flour

I love my cookie scoop!

I put the pan in the oven and realized I hadn’t crisscrossed all the cookies, duh!

Puffy and hot from the oven

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