A Baking We Will Go

Another evening of baking set in motion by a two-legged carrot that just begged to be baked up into muffin form.  I used the Carrot Muffin recipe from VWAV and I’ll tell you that is more like Carrot held together with a little bit of muffin.  I’m pondering picking up a baking class over at the community college this Fall, but the more I ponder the more I think I’ll wait until the Spring semester to take on any more work.  I really am enjoying time away from school!

Carroty Inspiration

Raisins plumping in a jacuzzi bowl.  Hey maybe that’s why I’m chubby after a bath, no?

The well in the flour–my liquid never stays in the baking well, perhaps I need a deeper well?

My favorite liquid measuring cup…if you look very closely you can see Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster and Big Bird dancing around the outside of the cup.  This was part of a baking set I got for T years ago.

The finished beauties…eaten with a bit of melted coconut butter, oh yes!


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