Straight From the Garden

My eggplant plant produced about half a dozen smallish eggplants this season.  I used several in stir fries and such but my heart had been set on homemade Baba ghanouj since I put the plant in.  This afternoon I threw the remaining eggplants in a 425 degree oven (I told you I like to heat the oven when it’s hot outside!) and roasted them with some Garlic Gold oil and crushed garlic.  Just can’t have enough garlic on Friday date night ya know?  I went with a loosely adapted version of the recipe in the Chicago Diner Cookbook.  I replaced lemon juice with lime because I had no lemons and there were some teenagers in the throes of a crisis (she crying, he patting her back) sitting in front of my neighbor’s house so I couldn’t sneak a lemon off their tree.  The kids didn’t belong to the house otherwise I would have interrupted their tear fest and asked them for a lemon.  I also used up the rest of my cumin the other day when I made a batch of my tofu scramble seasoning.  I replaced that with some smoked paprika.  Plus I cut the whole recipe approximately in half due to the size of my eggplants.  Don’t let anyone kid you…size does matter!  Wooo Eeeee, this stuff is delicious.  But I have no crackers or crudites to dip in it so other than eating it with a spoon it will have to mellow out in the fridge until tomorrow.  The magic eight ball says, “It is decidedly so” when I asked if I would have a great lunch tomorrow!  All right…All right!

A herd of eggplants…I think that’s what they’re called anyway

Roasted and plunked in the mini food processor (one of my favorite appliances, thanks S)



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