Another Morning Run

I had to get moving early this morning to get my 10 miles in before it heated up too much.  I love the Buddy Runner app for my Droid, I just set off in whatever direction I feel like and it tells me how far and how fast I’m going.  At the end it tells you what your pace was and how many calories you burned…very cool.  I read in the Avon Walk newsletter that the Santa Barbara course would have some hills the first 13.1 miles so I made sure to get in some killer hills on my trek this morning.  With names like Skyline Drive, Hill Street and Panorama Promenade you get the idea of the views I had.  Long Beach was sprawled out below me like this:

I set off fueled by a Chocolate Coconut Chew Lara bar and sipped some Mango Splash Coconut water along the route.  I arrived home just in time to see A and C off on their move up to Fresno.  I’m so glad she’s back in CA and just a 4 hour drive away.  Once in the door it was a smoothie in a bowl to refuel…I won’t bore you with pictures of that but I did use a new fruit mix called Himalania Goji Duo, which is a antioxidant powerhouse mix of frozen goji berries and blue berries.  I found this at my recent Sprouts run and they make a super delicious smoothie…in a bowl or out!

This afternoon after a quick trip to Vitamin City for some more Coconut butter and maybe some Pita Chips to eat with my baba ghanouj, I’m going to surprise myself with whatever Netflix movie just arrived and do a little work before I have to head to the doctor’s for my mammo (good times!)


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