Too Quick Sunday

Before I knew it Sunday was over and I’m getting ready for the work week ahead.  Still folding laundry and have to make up the bed.  We started the day at Jamba Juice and then on to the Farmer’s Market to pick up some berries for breakfast this week.  This market is still small and I noticed the Awaken Herb and Spice lady wasn’t there today nor was the used book guy.  Perhaps just due to summer vacation.  Besides the berries I got a nice loaf of Squaw Bread from Ann’s Bakery in  Port Hueneme.  My plan is to make some pesto with my garden basil and then team it up with the plethora of tomatoes I have and make some grilled tomato/Daiya/pesto sandwiches on the panini press.  Maybe tomorrow though, tonight I’m through eating.

Local Market – small but plentiful

Berries for breakfast…actually had some for lunch today with some coconut milk yogurt

Squaw Bread for weekday panini’s


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