Simple Pleasures

My gym is doing a new registration process that requires you to scan your index fingers into a machine, the prints are then tied to your phone number.  When you go into the gym after you’ve registered you just enter your phone number and put your index finger on the scanner and it checks you in.  This just seems a little intrusive to me and I felt kind of wierd doing it.  We have become seriously linked to technology.  I wonder if I could shut down and disconnect even for a week.  No computer (except for work), no TV, no Smartphone…I could even cut the computer cord altogether if I tried this during a vacation.  Get back to the simple things, sheesh I’d even have to give up my Kindle!  Dinner was simple though just a salad and sandwich tonight.  I made the pesto from VWAV which I’ve made before but it was a little salty this time, I think 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of salt is a little much and I don’t think I added that much the last time I made it.  However, smeared on the squaw bread and topped with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella Daiya and then grilled on the panini press, the saltiness was tempered.  I toasted the bread so it wouldn’t get all pesto soggy and it was very delish!

Look what I did…I zested the lemon before I squeezed it for the lemon juice in the pesto.  I searched the Internet for recommendations on freezing the zest, some said yay, some said nay.  Some said it lost flavor by freezing, some said the flavor got stronger by freezing.  What the????  Can’t believe anything you read these days, so I’m just trying it out for myself to see what happens.

Vita Mix loaded and ready to rumble up some pesto

Smooth and rich as Bill Gates (and the color of his money).




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