Blah Day

Do you ever have one of those days where you just feel BLAH?  No particular reason and you don’t feel sick or anything, just blah!  Today was one of those days for me.  After spending most of my day on conference calls (so what else is new?) I certainly wasn’t worn out from physical exertion…then A. stopped by and she too was having one of those days.  So maybe it was the mother daughter connection thing, I was blah because she was blahher (hmmm, I  think I just made up a new word).  My attempts to cheer her up in turn cheered me up.  I offered her one or two of the cats to take home with her so she would have a little bit of furry comfort in her empty apartment.  Although she never really said no, I don’t think she said yes either, funny how that happens.  Besides, I was just trying to give her back the two cats she so kindly left me when I was having a bad day!

Then it was on to dinner, which of course didn’t feel like being made.  Hummus in the Vita Mix…tasted a little bland so I added some salt and garlic powder and then it tasted too salty, go figure.  A salad of lettuce and tomatoes dressed with pesto thinned out with a bit of olive oil and vinegar, a pesto vinaigrette if you will.  And the ubiquitous glass of iced tea served alongside the Kindle out doors.  It seems I do drink iced tea outside, in spite of my claims otherwise.

Vita Mix full o’ Hummus


Because they’re ripened on the vine

A little pesto over the top

and last but not least hummus and pita chips


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