A Tasty Sammiccio

Sammiccio, wondering what it is???  It’s any kind of delicious sandwich, eaten on a beautiful day, and usually enjoyed outside.  And where, pray tell, do you get one of these delectable morsels ( yes, agreed it is a large morsel)??  Why at Panini’s of course.  Slipped away from work for a nice lunch in the sunshine.  I always get the #15 Hummus Panini which is a scrumptious layering of hummus (duh!), roasted red peppers, red onion, tomatoes, and creamy avocado (goat cheese optional if you swing that way).  Kettle chips on the side and of course iced tea to wash it all down.  BTW, “Sammiccio” –made up word, if you hadn’t figured that one out (thanks D.)!

The Cafe

The View

The Sammiccio

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