Happy Birthday to Me

Is it totally pathetic to bake your own birthday cake, well in this case birthday cupcakes?  No?  I didn’t think so either.  This way no one has to go to any trouble, I get to do something I love to do, and bonus…I get exactly the kind of cake I want.  I went for a little Lime in ‘de Coconut (Lime Coconut) cupcake from VCTOTW.  They didn’t rise up real high, I think next time I’ll make 11 instead of an even dozen and see if they fill the cups more.  The batter was super delicious and the Lime Buttercream frosting is a dream, a little tangy a little sweet, just how I like it.  I can’t taste them until after dinner at the Veggie Grill though.  I’m using my free meal birthday coupon for dinner tonight, for some reason a meal tastes better when it’s free, doesn’t it?  Nothing else special planned though.  Two good surprises today, and even though they weren’t birthday related I’m pretending they are.  I got my new cell phone for work (I always love new tech toys) and I was notified that my book reimbursement check was mailed.  They had originally denied my last classes book reimbursement because supposedly I submitted my paperwork too late.  After I told them to check again because it was funny that my class tuition was paid and all the paperwork was sent in on the same day, I guess they realized a mistake had been made and so “the checks in the mail”…Yahoo!

I love my microplane.  I used to hate zesting now, with the right tool, love it!  It was kind of like trying to build a house with a shoe and a toothbrush as your tools…gotta have the right tools! Sometimes it’s worth it to splurge on something of good quality if it’s going to make your life more fun!


Another fave…my vintage egg beater makes for some smooth batter

A bit of fluff…lime flavored fluff

Birthday cupcakes having some fun in the sun


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  1. Those look great! And there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with making your own birthday cake/cakes… I do the same because I am so particular about what I like to eat and how they are made (even though I appreciate the effort if someone else bakes for me) 😉

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