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I have been in a cooking and eating funk lately.  Could be the result of too much travel or work but I resolved to get out of it and get back into some healthy habits – – FYI Mint Newman-O’s and Cookie Dough ice cream are not really a healthy dinner.  I stopped at Vitamin City to pick up some Coconut Butter on the way home from a marathon meeting in Monrovia.  I walked out with some Date & Tamarind cooking sauce, a can of Amy’s Black Bean Chili, 3 little yams (so cute those little veggies!), along with the jar of Coconut Butter.  I had forgotten that today was my CSA delivery day, I had put it on hold for a couple of deliveries due to my schedule, so I came home to a surprise box with a beautiful eggplant, a giant heirloom tomato, a couple of onions, a bag of HOT peppers, an avocado, plums, and a couple of grapefruit.  What a bounty.  If I can’t throw a meal together from that I need some help.  I’m thinking along the lines of some eggplant  and yam simmered in the Tamarind sauce, maybe I’ll toss in the last half of my giant zuke from the garden.  I wonder if one of those hot peppers would be too much, the jar of sauce says “hot and sweet”.  Too much ya think?  Maybe just served up over some basmati rice with a sliced tomato on the side…oh yah, the possibilities!

Dinner tonight…sometimes you just gotta do it!

Tomorrow’s healthier fixin’s


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With only two weeks to go before the big 39.3 mile walk I’m on a taper.  Most of my training has been done using running or jogging instead of walking so I feel really well prepared since my longest run was 20 miles.  Last year I was much less prepared due to a foot injury, working early hours and having to complete my training during the hottest time of day, and just general lack of motivation knowing I was going to be walking by myself.  The funny thing about that experience was that I learned when you’re walking with several thousand men and women you’re not really alone.  I met some fantastic walkers who all had a story about what inspired them to walk.  There’s a man named Mike who I have seen every year since I started walking.  He walks every Avon Walk, every year, what a hero!  This year I thought I would be going it alone again due to K’s foot injury but it looks like she’ll be walking at least the first part thanks to the wonders of the cortisone shot!  So here’s to walker’s everywhere, Hip Hip Hooray!

Photos from my first walk back on September 11 and 12th, 2004.  The same dates we’ll be walking this year.  I was just shy of a year being cancer free and I was celebrating!

Tribute balloon that you could sign…

The biker crew, the pink bike  had Barbie all over it and a cute little blond girl riding it.  The biker crew is great, making sure all the street crossings are safe and cheering everyone on with music.

the Pink Mile

Closing Ceremony.  I haven’t been to any other closing ceremonies and this year I swear I’m going to go!

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Sipology Red

We headed over to Trattoria Limone last night and to our dismay it had been closed and reopened as Sipology Red.  Sipology has been open for about two weeks, the friendly hostess told us and they still had a tasting menu and were soliciting feedback on those offerings.  They kept some of the same pasta dishes that Trattoria Limone specialized in but they’ve also added their own specialties.  The meal started off with 4 little slices of foccacia with balsamic and olive oil to dip it in.  The bread was tasty and the balsamic had a nice musky tang to it just like I like it (it makes my mouth water just thinking about it).  We waited a bit for our dinner considering the place wasn’t too crowded, but it’s new so I’m sure they’re still pulling it all together.  I had the Veggie CousCous plate, and really enjoyed it.  The veggies were fresh and crisp, not mushy, the couscous had sundried tomatoes that added a nice bite to the rather mildly seasoned dish.  The portion was just right, I didn’t walk out feeling like I overeaten.  D. didn’t care much for his peppered steak; said it just tasted like meat with pepper on it, I’m not sure what peppered steak is supposed to taste like but apparently it wasn’t all that!  All in all it was pretty good, they had a few interesting sounding salads on the menu that might involve another trip back.  Although we were disappointed that Trattoria Limone had shut down Sipology Red was a nice alternative, I’m not sure D. will agree with me on this one though.

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Giant Donut Cake

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad.  I was in charge of bringing the cake to the family get together this afternoon and didn’t have a clue what I was going to bake.  I perused The Joy of Vegan Baking for inspiration and settled on the chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  Mainly because my family loves chocolate and I had all the ingredients without having to make a grocery run.  I pulled out my springform pan which I believe I haven’t used in the last 10 years but still hang on to for just such occasions as these.  I mixed everything up and dipped my finger in the batter before pouring it into the pan and thank goodness I did; I had forgotten to add the sugar!  So I dumped in the sugar, remixed and panned it then into the oven it went.  Thirty minutes late I was pulling out a delicious smelling but barely risen chocolate cake.  When I unpanned it it resembled a chocolate donut.  Disappointed but running out of time I whipped up the chocolate frosting and piled it on.  I had a dark chocolate bar in the fridge so I grated a bit on top because it was looking a little pathetic.  When all was said and done I had a giant chocolate sprinkle donate for the birthday festivities.  I don’t know if people felt sorry for me or what but there wasn’t a crumb left at the end of the day.  I don’t know if it was the sugar add in or just the general characteristics of that cake that made it so flat but I’ll try it again and hopefully remember to add everything at the beginning.  I skipped the cake because of the detoxing thing, I didn’t think sugar was the best thing to eat during a detox.

Springform and recipe ready to go

So busy showing off my sifting skills that I forgot the sugar.  Kind of like trying to make hot chocolate with unsweetened cocoa powder.  Ever do that as a kid?

The giant donut…on the “You Are Special Today” plate that I break out for such occasions.

Detox lunch…Chinese Chicken salad sans chicken; fruit, and TJ’s flax chips.  Yes I know the chips really aren’t detox but I needed a little salty crunch with my meal.  Don’t judge, this is my detox!

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Because of the cankle situation I decided to do a little weekend detox.  I don’t follow any prescribed detox I just know if I eat fresh fruits and veggies for a couple of days it seems to get my body back on track.  I’ve spent the last two weeks in three different times zones, eating food that I don’t normally eat so I am out of whack.  I’ll make a TJ’s run in the morning to see what kind of fabulous fruits they have to offer.  I’m actually looking forward to lightening up!

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Time to Head Home

I’m just traveled out.  I want to go home and hug the BF and Boy and Kitties.  Dinner tonight was supposed to be sweet potatoe gnocchi but it turned out to have large hunks of meat in it…blah!!  Sent it away and ate salad and bread.  Still walking on cankles can’t wait to get home!

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After work today I noticed that my feet were totally swollen; exactly like last year at this time.  No pain just huge feet and ankles.  I never went to the doctor last year when this happened because eventually it went away.  I don’t know if this is due to the plane flight or diet or just being chubby this week, but it’s ugly!  I came back to the hotel and looked for my Kindle then ran around frantically looking for it just knowing that the shady carpet cleaners hid it from me.  As usual it was only my paranoia rearing its ugly head and the Kindle was nestled up on the side of the bed, kind of behind the curtains…hmmm, maybe the carpet cleaners did hide it.  I ate a little snack of plane goodie leftovers and then lay down after the exhausting search and woke up totally disoriented an hour later.  I hate when that happens!  I’ll spare you a picture of my cankles and just share my snack with you.

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