Fantastic Family

It’s so wonderful when you have family that supports you regardless of the crazy decisions you may make.  If you stumble they don’t say, “I told you so”, they just help you up, brush the dust off of your knees, apply a band-aid if needed, give you a hug, and ask you, “So what’s next?”  That’s what I love about my family.  Even though I’ve worked for the same company forever, I’ve always had plans to do other things that involved more creativity that what my job entails.  All through college I changed majors every couple of years which may be why it took me so long to finish.  No one in my family once said to me, “Why don’t you just stick with something and see it through?”  Family doesn’t have to be those who belong to your family of origin either, whoever you bring into your life and feel most at home with is family.  If you can be exactly who you want to be without fear of being judged than those are the people you call family.  For my birthday mom made a delicious pasta salad and even went out of her way to make sure the pasta didn’t have dairy or eggs in it.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Super delicious pasta salad with corn, avocado, black beans and all things yummy.  Plus some sliced mango…perfect!

Assorted drinks…some healthy, some not so much

And check out this darling little music box from little sis.  Always with me in spirit that girl is!

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