Summer Repeats

Not only do I watch summer repeats on TV, I eat summer repeat dinners.  When it warms up I like to eat salads.  This goes against my dislike of people saying, when they find out you’re vegetarian, “Well you can always get a salad”.  This is a phrase that every vegetarian/vegan has heard when they’re invited out to dinner.  First you hear, “I hope there’s something there for you to eat” and then the dreaded follow-up, “You can always get a salad”.  I always want to say, “What if I don’t want a salad.  You get a salad and a dinner, but you’re relegating me to a plate of iceberg lettuce and a few pale tomatoes for my meal?”  Ahh, well, no reason to get all angry and resentful, especially when I choose to eat salad every day all summer long.  The difference is my salads are delicious and contain all sorts of delectable ingredients.  For example tonight I peeled one of the avocados D. blessed me with yesterday, a huge bag, by the way, then I piled my bowl with baby spinach, added the avocado, some pomegranate seeds, and sunflower seeds and dressed the whole thing up in a mixture of lime juice (limes leftover from the birthday cupcakes), German mustard, and olive oil.  Does that sound like a boring restaurant salad, I think not!

Feast your eyes, I got to feast my mouth, so haha!

Check out this plethora of avocados.  I’m having visions of black bean burgers with avocado, chilled avocado soup, maybe a green smoothie ala Trader Joe’s, some guacamole, avocado, fakin’ and tomato sandwich, I think I’ll run out of avocados before I run out of ideas.

Then for dessert…two fresh figs and a bite of this really spicy chocolate bar.  The chocolate had pumpkin seeds, cayenne pepper and cinnamon.  Perfect ending.

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