Gardein and Garden for Dinner

I had to drive to another office today for a meeting that lasted an hour.  It took me an hour each way to drive so all in all it made for a long day just for a short meeting.  I wonder how many meetings go on every day and how much is actually accomplished in these meetings.  Did people in business always meet so much?  So per normal I didn’t feel like making dinner and almost went for another salad but that would have been salad number two for the day since I had one for lunch already.  Then I was hit with a flash of recall (sometimes I feel like my brain reboots to its restore default every morning, ya know) and I remembered I had some Gardein in the freezer.  Since I already had the oven heated up for N’s pizza I thought I would throw in a stuffed chick’n Gardein for myself.  To go along I chopped up some pattypan squash and a couple of tomatoes and sautéed them in a splash of Garlic Gold and then topped with some vegan parm.  Super simple, satisfying, savory (how’s that for alliteration).

From the freezer to the oven…

To the picnic table

Ya just have to love something that has “love” as one of the ingredients, awwwww!

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