A Day In the Life – A Pictorial

Chocolate for breakfast??? Sure why not especially when it’s chocolate coconut milk yogurt.  Yes, I realize I didn’t make this yogurt and after spending money on a yogurt maker, quit with the guilt trip, I forgot to save a starter for my next batch so I need to buy another carton of plain soy yogurt ok???

Anyway, chocolate yogurt, mixed with Bob’s Muesli last night.  Carted to work with me this morning and then topped with blueberries and pomegranate seeds, pecans and chia seeds; and enjoyed at my desk while a conference call buzzed around me.  Yes, I muted my phone when the crunching was going on.

The yogurt

The overnight mix

The fruit topping

The nutty, seed topping

On to lunch.  Today lunch was brought in for the entire office.  The fries were good, the sandwich was just burger toppings without the burger, interesting.  Kind of like, “Well you can always have a salad”.  See that pale iceberg lettuce peeking out at you??? 

Dinner?  Why a salad of course, don’t judge. 

And dessert???  Three perfect figs in my perfect bowl from Oregon?

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