Long Run

Twenty miles…need I say more.  Thank heavens for the marine layer that lasted until noon.  I was still a hot mess ( in the words of Neicie Nash) when I got home.  I found out I could knock out two miles just by looping up and down every street in my neighborhood, after that I headed for the beach.  For long runs I like to be by the ocean.  I ran through Bluff Park and ogled the boot campers and yogis doing their thing in the park.  I’ll have to look into yoga on the bluffs, what could be more relaxing than practicing your poses with the sound of the ocean and seagulls nearby.  I made sure to get some good up and down hills in my route, including the bridge over the bay by the Queen Mary.  That thing used to kill me when I first started running with the Beach Runners but now, not so much.  I will admit by mile eighteen I was walking, and not briskly either!  After a shower and a snack I went and got a pedicure.  I was given a foot massage to end all foot massages…what a great ending to a long run.  Plus my toes look pretty cute now too.

Pre-run oatmeal.  I mixed chai and chocolate instant oatmeal together and didn’t really care for that flavor combo.  I ate it though and it stuck with me until mile sixteen, must have been the pecans and chia seeds on top.

I saw this Pelican gathering along the way…I wonder what they were planning.  I snapped this with my phone and somehow messed up my Buddy Runner voice notification…technology!

At mile sixteen I broke into my Jelly Bellys.  I’ve never been able to stomach the gels that most people swear by and I won’t tell you what the texture reminds me of (this is a family blog after all).  I usually go for the Shot Blocks or Jelly Bellys on long runs and today these were perfect.  I never did eat the Lara Bar I brought.  I did have to stop and fill my water bottle at a beach drinking fountain around mile thirteen. 

Post run snack…leftover empanada with mango salsa and watermelon.


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