Festivals and Feasts

Last night we made a trek down to the annual Sawdust Festival.  I forget how much I enjoy wandering through the displays of creativity, listening to good music, snacking on good food, and soaking in the quirkiness that is Laguna Beach.  It always amazes me the things that people can create out of practically nothing.  There was some very cool collages  made out of the daily news, a lot of great ceramics, A darling picture of Paddington Bear (one of my personal favorites).   There were stocking hats made out of old sweaters, and glass blowing demos, D. got a hot dog, J. got a funnel cake and said it wasn’t as good as the vegan one he had recently.  T. got some hummus. and we all meandered aimlessly appreciating all the art and the tranquil setting amongst the trees.  I bought a really beautiful bowl and a fun little hat and then around 8 O’clock we decided we were hungry and quickly settled on Houston’s as the restaurant of choice.  No arguments there.  We got a reservation at 9:00 and had time to stop at Mother’s Market to pick up a headache remedy and some other goodies (Cacoa Bliss anyone?).  I had been fighting a headache all evening, sometimes I get one after a long distance run, probably dehydration.  I chose a homeopathic remedy called Migraine Blocker and before dinner was over my headache was gone.  I don’t know if it was the glass of Syrah, the handmade veggie burger or the two tablets I took, but something knocked that guy right out of my noggin’.  Good Times!

Glass blowers…who was the first person that figured how you could do this, and how many times did they burn themselves before they were successful?

Even the bus benches are works of art

My gorgeous new bowl for smoothie in a bowl and other gastric creations

A jaunty new hat

And dinner…the finale!


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