More Decluttering and a Snack

I still have decluttering on my mind and of course it gets worse since I’m going out of town for a week. Knowing A. is going to stay here I like to get the house presentable before I leave. Really who am I kidding?  I always do this before I go out of town, even just for the weekend. It started with the shoes. I’m so tired of picking through my piles of shoes in the closet. I ended up dumping 22 pair of shoes and I still have enough to fill my organizer and two crates…totally obscene, how many shoes does one really need? Especially since I normally wander around the house in flip flops or slippers all day. After that it was on to all the books piled up on different surfaces…just like Gary and Elaine’s favorite song…

After all that hot, sweaty shoe sorting and book stack removal I went for a cool dish of berries with a drizzle of Cacao Bliss, because really who doesn’t love a drizzle? Eaten out of my favorite dish with a very special bunny spoon, purchased because it reminded me of Alice.

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