Getting Ready to Go

Since I will be traveling tomorrow pretty much all day I thought I would take a few healthy snacks along.  Remember when airlines used to serve full meals on long flights.  I can’t say I ever really enjoyed any of those meals because they usually involved chicken or fish, blah!  Sometimes the smell in the plane after the meal service was enough to make me gag.  Nowadays you get wafts of french fries from McDonald’s, a Starbucks Latte, sometimes a hint of pizza from a Pizza Hut, but often you’ll see people pulling out their brown bag snacks and it’s always interesting to see what they’ve smuggled on board. 

My traveling smorgasbord will consist of two bags of Milton’s Multi-grain Snack Crackers, 2 pouches of Justin’s Almond Butter, one plain, one with maple, a Cherry Pie Lara Bar, and a  tin of Three Beans with Sweet Corn by Gourmet on the Go.  We’ll see how this tides me over and I may modify for the trip home.  Although coming home I gain 3 hours instead of losing them somewhere over the midwest on my way out.


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